In an undercover sting by James O’Keefe and Project Veritas was able to get a saleswoman for Common Core books on video, proclaiming that the whole idea behind Common Core was to sell new textbooks to replace the previous books. She laughed and called it a scam. After the video came out, the woman, Dianne Barrow, the West Coast sales manager for Houghton Mifflin Harcourt was fired. In the video, she also admitted, “I hate kids.”

Other shocking comments included:

“You don’t think that educational publishing companies are in it for the education, do you? No, they’re in it for the money.”

“It’s all about the money. What, are you crazy? It’s all about the money.”

“I hate kids. I’m in it to sell books; don’t even kid yourself for a heartbeat.”

“Oh my god, it’s all a money game. And the things is, what they do is, they create some new f***ing system that f***ing sucks to sell more books, and then we have to learn something new with the students. So it’s bulls**t.”

Barrow was fired and CEO, Linda Zecher, told the Daily Mail:

“These statements in no way reflect the views of HMH and the commitment of our over 4,000 employees who dedicate their lives to serving teachers and students every day. The individual who made these comments is a former employee who was with HMH for less than a year.”

Barrow was equally vocal about the 2016 election. It should come as no surprise that she’s a democrat:

“Who is listening to Donald Trump. I mean, come on. Do you know who is listening to Donald Trump? It’s all old, white men that are frustrated with their lives.”

“It’s like a midlife crisis. And so, he doesn’t know policy, he doesn’t even — has he ever read the Constitution?”