The media and RINOs attempt to marginalize Donald Trump and his supporters on a daily basis. The fact that so many corrupt people oppose his presidential run and are desperately looking for an answer on why he has survived, no thrived against their most brilliant assaults, made me wonder how someone could rack up such high numbers with such a limited base.

Even a cursory look shows that Trump’s base is a veritable melting pot of different people with different wants and needs but a shared disdain for the political elites have been promised the moon but have only received a mooning once they get into office. It’s no secret that Trump skyrocketed to the top of the polls because of his stance against illegal immigration, which has expanded to legal immigration and special visas for the “refugees”.

The immigration issue spans an entire spectrum of other issues:

SPENDING: The cost of taking in millions of illegals and housing, educating and feeding them among a large trough full of government giveaways is astronomical. Many elderly come here and feed off our tax dollars for the rest of their lives. Also, it is not well known but a person is considered disabled if they are unable to work because of a language barrier. They are eligible for SSI even though they have paid no taxes. Lest we forget, Obama’s amnesty program made it possible for illegal aliens to collect as much as $36,000 dollars in tax refunds even if they paid no taxes.

CRIME: Although illegal aliens make up a mere 3.5% of the US population, they make up a whopping 37% of prisoners in the federal penal system. The MS-13 gang has been on a rampage with killings all across America. A large number of drunk drivers are illegal not to mention pedophiles and murderers. Whether there are more of those criminals among illegals than among American citizens is not even an issue. These are crimes being committed by people whose very existence in this country is illegal.

JOBS: While 20 million Americans are unemployed, under employed and just marginally employed, 25 million foreign workers have jobs in the United States. Both democrats and RINOs push for an ever increasing amount of cheap foreign workers to replace Americans. Obama tried to add another 5 million by giving illegals work permits and is currently working on bringing in 100,000 Syrian refugees. Companies love hiring foreign workers because they work cheaper and the companies reap a $5,000 dollar bonus for every illegal they hire because they are not eligible for Obamacare.

I could rattle off an entire litany of other issues that immigration plays a large part in but that would be time consuming. Instead, I want to show you the diverse coalition making up the Trump campaign.

UNION WORKERS: The president of the socialist SEIU union, Mary Kay Henry, complained to David Axlerod that a huge number of the members of her union are pushing for a Trump presidency. She even told him that the union is confronting union members supporting Trump on a one on one basis to try to reeducate them.

MINORITIES: For a supposed racist, Trump is attracting a lot of minorities. He attracts almost as many blacks as Ben Carson and more Hispanics that Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio.


If you wondered why liberals and their media lapdogs were trying to destroy Donald Trump, you needn’t wonder anymore.