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4 troubleshooting tips for fixing your computer

Here are the four best troubleshooting tips for setting your computer

Unexpected reboot

If your laptop has unexpectedly rebooted and turned blue or shut down without warning, you know how tense the situation might turn out to be. Or maybe your computer shuts down as it’s opening up, or suggested you work in “safe mode” It may be related to your device drivers or any system up-gradation issue. This can be easily fixed by software’s like ‘who crashed’. This helps the user to identify and rectify the problem as soon as possible and in a more efficient manner. There are several apps which help to follow a procedural step which is to be carried out during the process. Click this

Unexpected reboot

Basic software troubleshooting

In case your computer freezes during startup in normal mode, but boots excellent in Safe Mode, then the problem could be a program which is loading during the boot sequence. Use a program like Autorun to disable the programs that begin at startup and see which one is causing the problem. If your computer is freezing during startup no matter what, and it is at the same instant, then the problem could be corruption in Windows or a hardware problem. A quick way to tell is to grab a Live CD for another operating system, such as Linux Mint or Tails, and boot with that. You might want to find more information about software troubleshooting in our other articles.

Basic hardware troubleshooting

A Computer which can freeze both in Normal mode and Safe Mode with a second party operating system indicates a problem with your system’s hardware. It could either be your hard disk, an overheating processor, lousy storage or a failing power supply unit. In some cases, it might also be the main motherboard, although that’s pretty rare. A diagnostic CD like Falcon Four’s Ultimate Boot compatible Disc is highly advanced and has a reputation and standard of living up to in detecting the issue. It has immense of other tools for checking out your computer, including Mem Test for stressing on the RAM of your computer to see if it’s working fine. It might still be under warranty if your computer is newer in which case you’ll want to contact the manufacturer or seller.

Pop up ads and odd content

This can be a major hassle and an issue too many of the users as there are inappropriate and adult based content popping on the screen. The newer browsers are advanced and have essential pop up ad blockers inbuilt. They are either paid or free. It is better to have enabled those services to decrease the overall malware content on the device. External aid can be procured from certain apps and software which come in handy. Spybot search and destroy some of the most commonly used ones. They are known for their reliability and usefulness. They help in eradication of almost 97% of the advertisements, which are marked as inappropriate by other users. If the pop-ups still come in the way during regular system usage, then there is a high chance of being hacked.
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